The Best of 2007

March 31, 2008

What can I say, 2007 was a GREAT year for live music. I saw and recorded more than my fair share of music thanks to the kindness of the Richard King and the entire Blue Note and Mojo’s staff, as well as some old recorder friends at Twangfest in St. Louis. A very special thanks must also go to my most understanding wife who helps me get to these shows at doors to get set up while she is dealing with getting the kids ready for bed.

Before I get into all the great music I would like to touch on the shows that didn’t get recorded and the shows that didn’t end up happening. My biggest disappointment of the year was not being able to record Neko Case. She has an amazing voice and it was a great show. That show would have added at least 3 or 4 songs to this best of 2007. The same is true for the Modest Mouse/Man Man show that I caught in November. Man Man was an out of nowhere sound explosion for me and Modest Mouse is just a great band that had a great night. The Note was packed that night and the sound was great. The good news is that I actually got to see and record Man Man this year, so check out the site for the Man Man show and great ready for the Man Man additions to the best of 2008 compilation.
Now the shows that didn’t happen. I actually bought tickets to two shows that got cancelled this year, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The Polyphonic Spree. These two bands have a very interesting and different sound that would have fit in nicely with the mix of music that I got to record this year. I am not sure why Clap your hands cancelled, but damn the stomach flu for hitting the Spree before they made it up to Columbia from the big D.
It would be impossible to review each and every show listed in this compilation of music. If you want a more detailed covering of the shows just go to my site and check out the individual shows pages and check out how the night went. I will say that there are some great headliners in this set as well as some amazing and surprising opening acts. You most likely know the likes of Wilco, Spoon, Blue Mountain, and Yonder Mountain String Band, however acts like Illinois, Dubconscious, Gil Landry, Tim Easton, Robbie Fulks, and Tapes N Tapes just might grab your attention. Check out the local singer songwriters Casey Reeves (solo and with his band) and Noah Earle. They are starting to play more regional shows, so support them if you can.
I only offer the best of sets as MP3 files on my site, and they are only offered as zip files. In this case three sets of zip files. I do this in the hopes of exposing people to some new music, so download, sit back, and enjoy my great year of music.

Here is the link for this set up music: Best of 2007

01) Wilco-You are my Face
They opened the show for this song and it set the stage for a great night of music.
02) Blue Mountain-Eyes of A Child
The Triumphant return of Blue Mountain. Don’t be fooled by this quiet track, these guys bring the rock to every show.
03) Spoon-Mathematical Mind
This song made a good show great. It still blows me away how they build the song’s intensity
04) The Hold Steady-You Can Make Him Like You
An enternal truth from one of the most fun bands on tour today.
05) Tapes N Tapes-Insistor
This is the song that got me to the show. It is their “hit”, and truly a great alternative song
06) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Berlin
Another show opener, the music and the lights for this song worked as one. You just had to be there, but not to enjoy this great song.
07) The Apples In Stereo-Do You Understand
My favorite song of this night at the True False Film show, live these guys have a great pop sensibility
08) Illinois-Oh Asia
Talk about an amazing introduction to a band. They opened with this song, and let’s just say they had me at hello
09) Dubconscious-Bringers Of The Vibration
OK, I have never been a big fan of the Reggae, but damn these guys are great!!!! You don’t just hear this song, you feel it!
10) Mucca Pazza-?
This is a hard band to capture with mere audio recording. They are music in motion with so many people moving on stage, in the crowd, on the balcony, oh yeah and then there was the cheerleader. This is what happens when the bad band kids keep their instruments from high school
11) Gill Landry-Loneliness
I went to this show based solely on the description, and he was great. He bleeds Bourbon Street.
12) Tim Easton-Runnin Blues
Tim Easton would have been the best thing about Twangfest, if it weren’t for Blue Mountain. He played solo, with a Two Cow Garage’s Drummer, and with the entire Two Cow band.
13) Noah Earle-Dollars To Donuts
I have heard of Noah for a little bit on the Columbia scene, but this was my first time seeing him. This is a great narrative song filled with humor and an interesting story.
14) Casey Reeves-By First Light
The other local singer/songwriter in this mix. They have a very different style, but they both write and sing great music
15) Cary Hudson-Skinny Dippin’
I have loved this man’s music since 1994. This is a new song, check out the Blue Mountain songs to get a since of this man’s history
16) Danny Barnes-Footprints In The Snow
Ok, this is one man and one banjo. That’s it. Outrageous! If you want to see what this man can do with a banjo, check out the rest of the Robbie Fulks/Danny Barnes show.
17) Carrie Rodriquez-I Don’t Want To Play House Anymore
This woman has a beautiful voice, and layers with great acoustic old school country music
18) Robbie Fulks-I Told Her Lies
If you don’t laugh at this, you have no funny bone.
19) Caulfield & The Magic-Wicked People
Remember Casey Reeves up there, here he is with his band.
20) Yonder Mountain String Band-Kentucky Mandolin
Welcome to the Bluegrass. This is a great instrumental.
21) Blue Mountain-Black Dog
Remember when I said these guys can rock? Well here it is.
22) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Ain’t No Easy Way
This is a more “traditional” from a truly rocking band.
23) Tapes N Tapes-Cowbell
This is a great song.
24) The Hold Steady-Banging Camp
How can you not love the Hold Steady. For a great sample of songs download the best of 2006 as well.
25) Casper & The Cookies-Sea Fingers
These guys opened for Apples in Stereo at the True/False film festival. Hands down their best song of the night. I love how it builds to a raging end.
26) Spoon-Don’t Make Me A Target
This was another show opener, and man did it set the tone for the night.
27) Wilco-What Light
Another great song from the “new” album
28) Dr. Dog-Die Die Die
These guys opened for Wilco, and this song stood out the most. Has the best line about smoking.
39) Dubconscious-Future Eyes
Once again they just move you through the music. They really craft the music well live.
30) The Foundry Field Recordings-?
Hate to say I don’t know the name of this great FFR song.
31) Illinois-Old Saloon
Jaw dropping great!
32) The Apples In Stereo-Same Old Drag
Once again a great pop song from this band
33) Tim Easton-Dear Old Song and Dance
This is practically a rant, and it is great!
34) Carrie Rodriguez-Never Gonna Be My Bride
You have to love the anti-love songs.
35) Yonder Mountain String Band-Town
Conformity sucks, and you must make fun of it.
36) Cary Hudson-Passin’ By
This is a beautiful quiet song
37) Two Cow Garage-Should’ve California
This is actually the lead singer solo, and it was the best moment of the show for me
38) Gill Landry-Lawless Soirez
His voice and characters are enthralling
39) Noah Earle-Gossip Chair
This is just great blues
40) Mucca Pazza-?
What can you say? It’s a punk marching band doing their thing.
41) Spoon-The Underdog
The hit off the new album. Hell they played it on SNL.
42) The Hold Steady-Multitude of Casualties
She drove it like she stole it, hard and fast and with a multitude of casualties. What a great opening line!
43) Wilco-Side With The Seeds
I did not like this song, until I heard it live. Now you can love it like I do
44) Illinois-Nosebleed
Apparently this is on the Weeds soundtrack.
45) Tapes N Tapes-In Houston
The drums on this song just pound to me.
46) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Took Out A Loan
I loved the guitars on this song.
47) Dubconscious-Stereotype
Once again they just move you with a sweet groove that won’t let you go.
48) Cary Hudson-Dime Bag Boogie
The story that goes with this song is great, and the song is fun as well. Not all songs need to have a deeper meaning
49) Robbie Fulks-Irreplaceable (Beyonce Cover)
Every Robbie show has an ironic cover. Here is this years.
50) Tim Easton-News Black Out
A great rocking song from Tim Easton
51) Caulfield & The Magic-Two Steps Back
My favorite local “alt-country” band
52) Gill Landry-Dixie
This epitomizes the Gill Landry experience IMHO.
53) Noah Earle-Waited All Day
More great blues from a great local guy
54) Blue Mountain-Hippie Hotel
I have the 7” for this song. That’s right, vinyl!
55) Tapes N Tapes-Omaha
A slow quiet song from a normal loud in your face group
56) Spoon-They Never Got You
Who hasn’t felt this way at some point in time?
57) The Apples In Stereo-Can You Feel It
One last dose of pop to sweeten the mix.
58) Illinois-Screen Door
Hey Ladies with a banjo
59) Carrie Rodriquez-Instrumental
I love a good instrumental
60) Yonder Mountain String Band-Crow Black Chicken
I have heard this a number of times, but this is the most overtly sexual version I think I have heard.
61) Tim Easton-Broke My Heart
Can you tell I really like Tim Easton?
62) Gill Landry-Never Come Here Again
And Gill Landry?
63) Cary Hudson-Wink
Oh Yeah, and Cary Hudson?
64) Dubconscious-Old Jamaica
A great homage to the old country
65) Tapes N Tapes-The Illiad
Any song that references ancient Greek literature is good stuff.
66) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Weapon of Choice
I won’t waste my love on a Nation, Harsh!
67) Spoon-The Ghost of You Lingers
A haunting song
68) Wilco-Spiders (Kidsmoke)
A great way to end a show and a compilation


Robbie Fulks 1/26/2008 The Wood House Concert

March 30, 2008

It seems odd that the first show I post about on the blog about my concert goings and recordings would be about a concert I neither recorded or attended.  However, one of my soundcards was at the show, and it was taped by my long time taping partner Tim, so I am going to count this and tell the world about this show and post the show on my site.  This is a show Robbie Folks did for the Wood House Concert in St. Louis.  Not Familiar with the Wood House Concerts you say?  Well I have to say it is the coolest idea I have heard about in a long time.  A guy hosts these small shows in his house in St. Louis.  All the money goes to the band, and from what I understand it is really a pot luck with great music.  They get some great acts if you like the alt-country side of life. 

Anyway, this show is pure Robbie Fulks.  He is playing solo acoustic for this one and he ended up playing 2 sets of music on the night.  Some great Robbie Moments include the song he wrote for an old couple in the Crowd called Maisy and Al.  Another funny Al and Maisey moment is the playing of We Live A Long Time To Get Old after initially talking to Maisy in the crowd.  This show also includes typical off the wall covers by Robbie including Cher’s Believe and I Want You Back (kind of) by the Jackson 5.  This is one of those shows that you won’t stop laughing at, as are all Robbie shows, and yet will have some of the best country music you will hear all year.  Highlight songs for me include See Me Now, We Live A Long Time To Get Old, and That’s Where I’m From. You can find the setlists on my site. When I figure out how to post them without messing them up, then I will start to post them here on the site as well. So, come by the site Lovin Live Music and check out Robbie Fulks in St. Louis. 

Robbie Fulks (solo)


The Wood House Concerts

St. Louis, MO 


March 29, 2008

Well I have started this little venture at the encouragement of my long time friend and blogger Otis.  My hobby is live concert recording, and this blog will be focused on my hobby. I will post stories, concert reviews, taping experiences and so forth.  More importantly I will use this to let people know when I have posted new shows for download onto my website.  I have been recording shows for over 10 years now, and I have come a long way from using the house tape deck to record shows at the Blue Note.  My current equipment includes an Edirol FA-101 multitrack soundcard and a pair of studio projects C4 mics.  The majority of the shows that I record are multitrack recordings that include the soundboard feed, my mics, and direct feeds from some of the instruments.  I personally think that most of my recordings are pretty damn good and worth a listen.  On my site I will have links to download my recordings in MP3 or SHN formats.  The site will include show information, set lists, as well as anything of interest that might have happened during the set.  The recordings are free for all to download and enjoy.  I feel that music is best when it is live, and I find that the live setting separates the great bands from the good.  

Here is my first piece of advice for all concert goers, show up early.  I have found that the bands I like will tour with small regional bands that I end up liking as well that I would never have heard if I hadn’t gone to the show early.  You will also find that I record all bands at the shows I go to if I am allowed to tape.  This is because 1) for the reason I just stated above and 2) all bands deserve to be taped.  Here is my reasoning behind my number 2, even the worst band out there in MY opinion has a fan that would love to hear a recording of the show (even if it’s the bassist mom).  Further, every band out there is doing something I could never do, write a song and play it on stage.  For that reason alone I like to support the small band and provide them another possible outlet to promote their music.  Now back to reason number one.  I can name three bands in the last year that blew me away that I would not have known about if I had not gone to the show early and listened to the opening act.  For the inquiring mind that would be Illinois, The Felice Brothers, and Dr. Dog.  These are three great bands that played mind blowing sets of music, that lead me to buy great CDs of music, and have been added to my list of favorite bands.  

If you stick with me and this blog, and if I stick with it as well, you will find that I have a very eclectic taste in music and I try to go to about 2 shows a month.  When the times get slow I just might start posting some of the past shows that I have recorded over the years to fill in the gaps.  I plan to modify the look of this blog as I get time and get a better understanding of how to monkey around with the site.  I hope that my friend Otis will be able to give me some advice on that front.  Some of the features I hope to add include an MP3 player to allow people to sample my latest recordings as well as a list of upcoming show I plan to attend. If anything happens to be coming to Columbia, MO that I should not miss drop me a note and I will try to make the show.  Enough about me for now.  Look for a review of my best of 2007 live recordings that I will be posting to my site soon.